Introit’s Startup Seminar Series: May 31st - June 13th

MAY 31, 2012

Seminar topics: environment/introduction, investment attractiveness, how to start, how to run your startup, skills required to be successful

Qualification: technology-based startups only – mobile applications, software tools for SMB’s, location-based services, social networking, mobile commerce, mobile payment, context-aware services, mobile video, simplified browsing, CRM variants, better dating services, auctions, online learning, targeted website builders, etc.

Location: City of Maricopa City Hall, Montezuma conference room

Time: 6:00PM to 9:00PM, Thurs., May 31, and Wed., June 13

Process (a bit different than most seminars):
1. Phone interview to assess your startup’s unique needs
2. An outline of subjects potentially covered during the seminar sent to you for your review and feedback to us
3. Invitation to the seminar
4. All material will be sent to you electronically before the class for your review – bring your laptop to the seminar with our seminar material loaded
5. Attend the first half of the seminar series – time will be reserved for lots of questions
6. Homework assigned for the second half (second meeting) of the seminar – you will present in front of the rest of the attendees
7. Review of your presentation in a collaboration process with other attendees
8. Free review of your marketplace product/service target making sure that your potential customers will want to buy your product/service
9. In depth interview for our future incubator acceptance
10. Access to our entrepreneurs, partners, and executives-in-residence
11. Potential access to actual early seed capital (not angel funding) for each startup, accelerating your company to product, customers, and most importantly, revenue

Sponsor: City of Maricopa
Cost: free; please RSVP
Contact: Larry Fullerton
Phone: (602) 617-6563